Breaking Free

Good morning Friends,

Noticed when I want to do or have something that violates familial or social conditioning, same for seemingly insignificant matters, I feel a twinge of discomfort in my stomach. Therein is the fire that powers “I’m doing this, whether ‘they’ like it or not!”

Allow life!


Good morning Friends,

My attitude regarding the recent ‘war’ events dominating the news is…

Let everybody you dislike in the world do what they do. Leave them alone. Stop complaining and trying to control their behaviors. You can’t anyway. Instead, expand your time, increase your energy, improve your own life by developing your spiritual self and by offering the world your creative gifts—we all have more than one.  And you will experience a bountiful harvest of growth, joy, sound health, as much money as you want and more, and whatever else your heart desires. Allow happiness, it’s not hard to do!

Allow the Flow!

New Start

Have a Prosperous New Year Friends!

My 3-year hiatus from blogging has planted me solidly into this now moment. I am here to shape this platform into a personal journal highlighting the sequence of my self-development, growth, and creative expression.

I suspect you are in agreement that we women need to share our progress with each other in order to boost our well-being and evolution. For we are the first guardians, teachers, educators and mentors of our children and men. They are watching us.

I welcome your wisdom and ideas for moving forward. Thank you.

Allow Life!

– Non-fiction Author
– Speaker
– Personal Success Group Coach (women only)
– VoiceOver Artist

Crystal Clarity

Good morning Friends,

It has been a long while since I last posted. Not because I had abandoned my love of speaking to invoke introspection and discussion or to assist in problem solving. Not because of a succession of mishaps and troubling inconveniences in my personal life. I was not even scared to announce changes in my path. I was unable to.

The mere thought to project sound towards curious ears or to link words on paper was intolerable, even painful. I could not afford to breach this sweet, mysterious, horizonless silence—a life opportunity was at hand. I had to embrace it with all my might and hold on with all three eyes: the physical and mental eyes that scheme to show who you are and who you are not.

“Dive deep, examine, release” was the command I heard. I did, and amongst the heap of dreams, my-story and my future, I rediscovered my true passion.

Ironically, the discovery was not the theatrical event as you would imagine; but rather an awareness so clear and complete in its delivery that thought was non-existent. I got it. Every cell in my body got it. I-we wanted to fly with my new wings.

Fact is, my true passion and supporting passions have been evolving and unfolding over time, since I was a youngster. My trajectory has prepared me for this moment.

I had to grow into it via awareness, practice, the grueling process of letting go of outgrown beliefs, and discernment of the work that is fundamental to human unfoldment. This work is best executed by women who are willing, able and ready to step up into the position of wise, compassionate, dedicated leaders on the world stage.

I say world stage because women are the first educators of humankind. We are in the most powerful position to push the global shift from lineal, ego driven, aggressive motivations to a refined paradigm of all-inclusive thinking, being, relating and creating, with intent to stand collectively, heal and serve the cause of spiritual well-being. Women can model vibrant health, fearless stance, safety, mutual support, wisdom, justice and beauty for all. This great work must begin within each individual–our  outer life shows the public how we consistently orchestrate the inner workings of the mind and physical activity.

Be natural!

What are your thoughts?

Thank You, Friends

Dear Friends, how much I thank you!
 You broke my fall into an abyss of despair.
You added me to your holiday guest list,
And sent me fabulous people links and web links
To boost my morale, to boost my knowledge, to boost my income.


Thank you Friends for confiding in me.
You trusted me to guard your worst fears and ‘hideous’ wants and secrets.
And thanks for safeguarding mine!
We taught each other those things that we ourselves had not grasped.
All that sincere sharing grew us, especially me, hopefully you too.


Thank you Friends for playing my playmate—
Did we not wake up our carefree, giggly, silly selves?
So much fun had we to be responsibly irresponsible & spontaneous!
Being Immune to disciplinary stares in public places, we modeled pure joy.


Thank you Friends who pretended to be strangers passing in a flash.
You reflected back to me what I needed to examine in me
To keep me synchronized in integrity.
Thank you for being a caretaker when the babyish me was bigger than the adult me–
You provided a refuge for me to lick my wounds from battling the invisible war within.
Thank you Friends for applauding my little successes.
You have been my first row fans & competent critics who pushed me towards excellence.
Without you, I would exist as vapor…you help me to stand solidly in the world!


Thank you Friends for your sunrise concert, your upbeat chatter & wing flapping
Just before you dive faster than fighter jets from roofs to grab beaks-full of dry stalks or
Balls of green moss, weeds & loose gravel from my balcony garden;
As you peel off dead slivers of bark to build the most exquisite weather-proof houses:
Arranging one piece at a time. What presence! What intelligence! What love!
You show me how to express myself.


Thank you Friends for teaching me “Seed of Potential.”
How wise you are to speak loudly & clearly without an audible voice!
You bend with the tempest without breaking.
You shed yourself bare & bow low in gratitude, reverence for life.
Every time I look towards my balcony there you are—growing, forever elegantly,
New leaves & limbs & bark with original color schemes to attract the perfect residents.
You are allowing your Seed of Potential to flourish to its fullest.
I thank you past & future, my ghost Friends, for making it plain how you do not exist.
Past is a pretty synonym of mental cemetery:
A favorite highly frequented spot where human beings indulge in exhuming
the same old bones gone to dust, the material used to build a feared or wished for future.
Because you are Not, my Friends, I have returned to living fearlessly:
I create right now & I experience the results right here in my consciousness!


Thank you critter Friends: especially the spider that weaved a web across my window that attracted strange teeny-weeny critters that left unsightly stains that compromised my view.
So I sprayed vinegar water to chase away the spider.
The next morning, spider had constructed a new more elaborate web.
This time I thoroughly cleaned my window of web & stains.
Day three, yet a new web just as beautiful with several tiny critters frantically attempting to escape.
What is your message Friend?
Never give up!
Give total attention to your intention.
If failures seem endless,
do what you do better until your intention is manifested”.
Yes, Spider is me.


Thank you Friends–the light, air, earth & water that sustain this physical body;
The mind that designs my whole life experience:
This planet playground in which I have fun trying out my talents & gifts;
Examining results (the finished product labeled “what is”);
Contemplating cause & effect to expand my awareness &
Capacity to give more of the limitless reservoir of love intelligence that I am.


Thank you Friends. Thank you.

Update on Past Tense Post

Good morning Beuatiful People,

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. I have just discovered that I had not saved the edited version of yesterday’s post (Past Tense Dies) before publishing.

The final version is now waiting for your discerning eye and comments. 😉

Thank you so much for understanding.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Allow happiness!



Good morning, Beautiful People!

As soon as I integrate an emerging aspect of the self, a new one pops up, screaming to be recognized, hugged and invited to flourish in my awareness. I wholeheartedly welcome each one in spite of the difficulties involved in supplanting destructive beliefs.  Difficulties challenge my resistance to freedom from past tense thinking, feeling, speaking and doing. And yes, past tense-based intentions also!

Purpose of past tense

Generically speaking, past tense informs you that something has already happened. It is a finished product. Therefore, it can never be altered or undone. I was, you did, it happened. Thoughts, words, intentions, events or acts can never ever revert back to an unexpressed idea; just as a timepiece does not rewind itself; just as the thing born can never return to gestation. Time appears gradually to subtract life from the subject, to diminish possibilities. Not true of course unless you believe it!

Time for me is a mental concept: a sequential emergence of intention, speech, situations, growth, creativity and awakening. Nothing moves forward or backwards because in the static now moment is a continuous emergence of ideas called forth into physical form via an infinite number of sustained intentions.

So past tense is essentially a reference library to facilitate clear communication or simply to entertain. Otherwise, you misuse the faculty of memory with endless reruns of past events, wishes, regrets and fantasies.

Abusing the past

You become so amorous with memories that you ignore the opportunities and resources (to materialize your current intentions) that are already here in this moment. In order to feel alive, you embellish delusions and collect pity or adulation to avoid autonomy. You incessantly exhume the “good ‘ole days”, hoping they will miraculously rise from the dead. Or you drag listeners into a scenario of a hapless victim enduring extreme suffering. Oh my, woe is me! Why? Victims get exempted from responsibilities!

living in the past

Digging up memories

But feasting on yester thoughts destabilizes the body and starts the withering process. Look and you will sense similitude between past tense dwellers and dilapidated shacks. This is one of the major causes of chronic loneliness, paranoia and feelings of alienation from the self. You tend to make other people responsible for your misery or happiness when, in fact, it is unconsciously self-inflicted or contrived.

Eventually though, you grow weary of aimlessly wandering around with your head turned 180%, expecting to find happiness in the graves of your mind. You want congruence, inclusion, to be an authentic participant  in this world. You want to be true to yourself, to see what that truth IS for YOU. And you can, starting now…if you can accept challenges as a fundamental instrument for growth and success.

Sometimes challenges disguise themselves as omnipotent enemies or strings of disappointing situations or phantom lovers. More vigilant than flees, they hound you day and night; and no amount of intellectual trickery can wipe them out. Their sole objective is to dismantle a primal instinct to hide from your own mischief. Challenges—one’s own innate volition—‘force’ you to see how YOU are totally responsible for the minutiae you experience. You will draw unto you that which is aligned with your current state of being. And you alone decide that state.

Putting past tense to rest

Within the now moment is the permanent opportunity to use all the fresh ideas you can in any way you want to. No questions, no prerequisites, no judgment whatsoever, except your own resistance to live fully, freely and joyously, which can only happen in the now. Then why do you flee from the actions you want to take? You are clinging to self-limiting beliefs formulated from direct or indirect experiences. That is why you are easily distracted and (like a hopeless addict) engage in activities that sap your energy. You procrastinate. Your fear-based beliefs prevent you from committing to your intentions. They cripple your attempts to persist, concentrate on and complete best actions. That said, Do not despair! I have discovered in myself a process that is working for me.  Allow me to share this with you.

In order to accept and love yourself as you are, you first must understand, approve of and love who you were and the past as it was. (Warning: Self-deception does not work here.)

Acknowledge the facts about every scenario that comes to mind. Accept what the past and you, were, not are. Step aside and observe the thoughts and emotions that surface. Neither resist nor drag them on, opting for self-pity. Let them surface and dissolve naturally.

Follow your intuitive thread and see how you played your part in creating and responding to your reality. Writing down your insights enables you to see deeper that you were 100% responsible, as every person involved is totally responsible for their part.

Layers of emotions will surface. Let them. Remember to allow. Do not attempt to control or prove anything. Do not put a time limit on this process. Revisit each step as many times as required to reach clarity.

Have compassion and forgive yourself, everyone and everything involved UNTIL you transcend the habit of judging (an escape from responsibility) and reach complete clarity on your total participation in a past reality. It only reflected your inner state of being at that time. The beliefs, habits, self-image that you brought into this lifetime spilled over into your childhood and beyond. Accept and learn from these. They are clues to complete healing.

At some point, you will discover there is nothing to forgive after all—it was an experiment to  point you towards the self that you came here to expose to the world in your own magnificent way.

Allow yourself to completely accept and love the past and yourself as you were. There is nothing mushy or dramatic about this. It happens naturally as you surrender to what was.

Appreciate yourself, everyone, everything involved in your yester moments—how perfectly ordered, loving, liberating the universe is; how you are free to create any experience you can imagine, always reflecting your state of being, the place in which you stand in awareness of the self.

Be grateful for the opportunity to experiment in playing the game of life as you see fit: discovering, awakening, unfolding more and more of the real you. Be grateful that past tense reality is not to be hoarded but to be released… deliberately.

Now you can love yourself deeply as you are. You can unconditionally share your love in thought, speech, intention, acts and attitude because you have achieved freedom from guilt, regret, blame, shame and arrogance. Your mind and body are present right here, right now. Everything you want is surrounding you. No more waiting, hoping, conniving. Limitless opportunities and possibilities, resources of every kind required, solutions, undiscovered ideas and ‘the right’ people surround you round the clock. Are you ready for this natural state of wealth and living?

When I approve of and accept myself as I was and for everything I did, then I can love myself as I am and enjoy what I am doing.

Tell me: what are your insights, experiences? I would enjoy hearing from you.

So post your comments below before you forget. And if you find something useful in this blog, why not subscribe so you can receive email notification each time I publish a post. Also, I would be highly honored if you recommended this blog to others who might benefit. Thank you in advance.

Men Readers: Your comments are valuable too & highly welcomed! ;-))

Shall we meet up again in a few days?

Until then,

Allow happiness!


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