About Tandi

Happy life Friends,

I am back to blogging again after a lengthy, but absolutely necessary, hiatus.

I have aligned with where I am within, how I need to be and what I am going to do in order to experience a larger version and vision of myself. I’m ready. So here we go.

I am Thandiwe, A Modern Storyteller of Stories About Us©, In Print & Onstage

I relish face to face interaction with audiences as much as I love writing down the endless stream of words that I format into journals, books, a blog and articles. Even though Stories About Us© is my personal story, it mirrors the essence of all of us women, and for the most part, men too.

Clients, audiences, colleagues and friends have told me that I have a knack for weaving facets of my eclectic life experience into stories that educate, entertain and inspire them to transform multiple aspects of their lives.

Throughout my bi-national / bi-cultural work history from technical writer, mediator, manager, public speaker, teacher of English to non-speakers, to personal achievement coach and creative writer, I would spontaneously grab a bite of my past to illustrate a point or add comedy to the situation–Life is a ‘true comedy’ you know–I enjoy talking with a purpose: to connect, exchange, grow and to feel so much happier and confident because of it.

Whatever the theme of your event, I can retrieve relevant and appropriate personal and work life experience to clarify, encourage and to offer empowering take-aways the audience can relate to and hopefully to use and expand their vision of themselves.

Regarding this blog, I would be honored to hear about your most urgent challenges and your comments and votes so that I can post personal snippets that address particular topics and WE, not me alone, can offer solution-oriented alternatives. As you know, consistent positive collaboration empowers each of us every single time.

I trust that you will be patient during my humble attempts to make this site a more  enjoyable, interactive and worthwhile platform for each of you. I thank you in advance.

Allow happiness!


2 thoughts on “About Tandi

  1. OK, where’s the “like” button (lol)

    FYI: It took me some time to locate your About page – finally searched for it and found it at the very bottom of a list of “read more” posts. SURELY there’s a faster way. What is it?

    By the way — I *DO* share your intention.
    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, SCAC, MCC – (blogging at ADDandSoMuchMore and on ADDerWorld – dot com!)
    It takes a village to transform a world!


    • Thank you Madelyn,
      Have been having strange problems with this site…at one point either I couldn’t edit or it wouldn’t save changes.
      Getting help from WP…
      Thanks for your patience.


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