Thank You, Friends

Dear Friends, how much I thank you!
 You broke my fall into an abyss of despair.
You added me to your holiday guest list,
And sent me fabulous people links and web links
To boost my morale, to boost my knowledge, to boost my income.


Thank you Friends for confiding in me.
You trusted me to guard your worst fears and ‘hideous’ wants and secrets.
And thanks for safeguarding mine!
We taught each other those things that we ourselves had not grasped.
All that sincere sharing grew us, especially me, hopefully you too.


Thank you Friends for playing my playmate—
Did we not wake up our carefree, giggly, silly selves?
So much fun had we to be responsibly irresponsible & spontaneous!
Being Immune to disciplinary stares in public places, we modeled pure joy.


Thank you Friends who pretended to be strangers passing in a flash.
You reflected back to me what I needed to examine in me
To keep me synchronized in integrity.
Thank you for being a caretaker when the babyish me was bigger than the adult me–
You provided a refuge for me to lick my wounds from battling the invisible war within.
Thank you Friends for applauding my little successes.
You have been my first row fans & competent critics who pushed me towards excellence.
Without you, I would exist as vapor…you help me to stand solidly in the world!


Thank you Friends for your sunrise concert, your upbeat chatter & wing flapping
Just before you dive faster than fighter jets from roofs to grab beaks-full of dry stalks or
Balls of green moss, weeds & loose gravel from my balcony garden;
As you peel off dead slivers of bark to build the most exquisite weather-proof houses:
Arranging one piece at a time. What presence! What intelligence! What love!
You show me how to express myself.


Thank you Friends for teaching me “Seed of Potential.”
How wise you are to speak loudly & clearly without an audible voice!
You bend with the tempest without breaking.
You shed yourself bare & bow low in gratitude, reverence for life.
Every time I look towards my balcony there you are—growing, forever elegantly,
New leaves & limbs & bark with original color schemes to attract the perfect residents.
You are allowing your Seed of Potential to flourish to its fullest.
I thank you past & future, my ghost Friends, for making it plain how you do not exist.
Past is a pretty synonym of mental cemetery:
A favorite highly frequented spot where human beings indulge in exhuming
the same old bones gone to dust, the material used to build a feared or wished for future.
Because you are Not, my Friends, I have returned to living fearlessly:
I create right now & I experience the results right here in my consciousness!


Thank you critter Friends: especially the spider that weaved a web across my window that attracted strange teeny-weeny critters that left unsightly stains that compromised my view.
So I sprayed vinegar water to chase away the spider.
The next morning, spider had constructed a new more elaborate web.
This time I thoroughly cleaned my window of web & stains.
Day three, yet a new web just as beautiful with several tiny critters frantically attempting to escape.
What is your message Friend?
Never give up!
Give total attention to your intention.
If failures seem endless,
do what you do better until your intention is manifested”.
Yes, Spider is me.


Thank you Friends–the light, air, earth & water that sustain this physical body;
The mind that designs my whole life experience:
This planet playground in which I have fun trying out my talents & gifts;
Examining results (the finished product labeled “what is”);
Contemplating cause & effect to expand my awareness &
Capacity to give more of the limitless reservoir of love intelligence that I am.


Thank you Friends. Thank you.

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