Are You the Greatest Lover?

Good morning Beautiful People,

Did you know that the greatest lovers act alike. You can feel their presence before meeting them. They appear to do nothing but simply bask in their own love. You are drawn to them in spite of yourself. Their eyes and smile say, “Hi! Welcome home! I love you!”

Every flower and star, every animal and person, every piece of music and mechanical object that attracts your attention wants you to share your love with them. And equally you must. For they are a physical representation of an unconscious part of you—neglected or scorned or taken for granted. Now is the moment to notice, appreciate and to include those aspects of you disguised in various forms of living beings and things.

The greatest lover appreciates and gives totally of himself whether the receiver is sweet or sour, hot or bitter…or bland in character. For he instantly sees his reflection in the receiver.

How can you become the greatest lover? Decide to. Decide to express the fullness of what you are: all-encompassing LOVE. So the question to pose is, “Do I really want to love myself completely?” If yes, then you must include every aspect of you that emerges in the now moment.

You can start by practicing the following suggestions.

Become vigilant in monitoring your habit to avoid sharing your love because you have judged yourself, another person or thing as undeserving, unworthy of consideration, forgiveness, happiness and inclusion. If you peek behind your judgment, you will see these dreaded qualities in others, in yourself. Remember, the only thing you love or hate is you.

Examples of judging can look like malicious gossip, revengeful acts, crashing the accomplishments of folks you envy, criticism, selective amnesia (deliberately omitting positive information), blatant rejection of a person in order to appear superior, powerful in the eyes of others…

Let go of the world’s mesmeric idiocy that sharing love with one will prevent you from sharing with another. The more love you share, the more you will have to share. We are not speaking of sex here. Copulation is not synonymous with love, as you well know. Sharing love is an act of ultimate intelligence, self-awareness, spiritual maturity and authenticity. It is the broadest kindness and sincerity. It is respect and love of the self.

Mentally replace your ill speech reflex with I love you. This includes your thoughts, attitude, emotions, behavior, actions… It is unimportant whether you feel love in the moment or not. You may even feel hateful. But IF your intention is to share what you are, all-encompassing Love, and to acknowledge, accept and include that part of you that is emerging, you will learn and outgrow your habit of self-rejection.

I Love My Selves

The benefits of being the greatest lover are freedom from cowardice, persistent joy and living a life overflowing with magnificent experiences in all directions. Because you are no longer engaged in ill speech in your head or with others, you will have a constant flow of energy and time will expand to accommodate your intentions. You will remain in your natural state of all-encompassing Love.

The greatest lover does not hide from any facet of herself. She places each in the center of her heart.

And you?

Tell me: what are your insights, experiences? I would enjoy hearing from you.

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Shall we meet up again in a few days?

Until then,

Allow happiness!


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Flashes of Insight2

–There is no risk in truth.

–So much endless searching for your purposeful work, passion, gift to the world…procrastinating to avoid loving or giving. Why not start at your current level of understanding? What are you waiting for–for your gift to descend from a summit? But what is it? you ask. Your gift is sitting quietly in your daily choices. It is the subject of your outrageous daydreams that you dare not expose. It appears as your persistent preferences, pleasures and intuitive knowing and in your leisure moments. It is smack in the middle of your relationships. All.  It infiltrates each nuance of living because of its seamless presence in your experience. There is nothing to seek. Simply pay attention to your intuition edging you forward rather than vacillating between what you know and the imposition of puny opinions and judgment of spectators. What do they have to do with you? Nothing at all. Their projections are none of your business. Know that what you are running from is clinging to you. Why not give it a big hug and make it your lover?

–“It’s very immature to be afraid.” Wanda J. Pilot

–There is never anything to wait for…to happen or to do or to come to us. It is already done, already complete and is present, with us here now. Our job is to become acutely aware of it. In that moment, we will have initiated an easy accomplishment.

–We’ve been hearing since forever: “Outflow determines inflow.” But there’s more to outflow than working and scheming for monetary returns. Outflow starts with our thinking, desires, moment-to-moment choices, intentions, attitude, beliefs, feelings and words, which direct each single action or activity. At the same time, everything we’re experiencing today is inflow–the result of yesterday’s internal and external actions.

–Loneliness does not emerge from solitude or alienation. It is an effect of believing we are separate beings, on the outskirts of life. And the thought of joining the game of self-responsibility feels too threatening to attempt.

–I like knowing that no matter what happens, life is unfolding in Love order, in divine sequence.

–Fear and frustration arise when we attempt to control the flow of Life, which is impossible. If we persist, the resistance triggers a deterioration process of the mind, then the body. And no quantity of injections, pills, clever flesh carving or padding can prevent body rot. Let Life have its way and the mind plus body will jump for joy!

–The primary reason relationships dissolve into chaos is each party forgets that Love is always omnipresent. If Love is omnipresent then it must be all the power, all intelligence. All it takes is one person to remember this truth frequently. This I can witness: Love does heal all ills.

Is Life the activity of Love? Its outer reflection, manifestation? Is mind an amusing instrument of Life to create and pretend to play all the characters in its imaginary physical universe?