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11 November 2010

  • Origin of serial debt: addiction to instant gratification; a lack of forethought before purchase; extreme need to gain approval or the envy of others; fear of  scarcity in a future; infantile behavior by making creditors, society & authority figures your surrogate parents, whom you try to please by making payments on time but borrow incessantly; & a victim’s strategy to avoid true intimacy by becoming a workaholic to pay debt.
  • We all have something worthwhile to give even if we are penniless & licking discarded bread crumbs off the sidewalks. What can that be? A sincere greeting, smile, a look without words that compliments the other, courtesy, saying thank you & meaning it, helping a terrified elder cross a busy street without a cross-walk, giving folks the benefit of a doubt, accepting & appreciating the immense diversity of ideas, personalities & creativity in the universe & discovering all sorts of goodies in our current situation, for examples.
  • You have to focus on the what (object of desire or intention) while being clear about the why, which lingers in the background as a silent reminder to transmute your commitment into dedication and dedication into devotion.
  • Hoarding & hiding what we have to give, which is a lot more than we think, is a mean miser who has a strong belief in scarcity.
  • Stinginess, like true generosity, reveals our history of loving.
  • I have never been able to identify with the words ‘retirement’ & ‘earn a good living.’ Retirement from expressing vitality & creativity in our participation in life denotes the last breath.  I don’t need to adopt the label “retired” in order to step forward into a new creative experience. As for earning, there’s the subtle question of personal worth attached to the amount of money and shiny stuff we have accumulated. But my devotion to the seed of potential I was born with, is the ‘earning’ that qualifies & quantifies my so-called good living, which includes vastly more than mere things.
  • I’ve noticed that when I concentrate on completing one activity at a time, time becomes my servant, pacing itself to meet my wishes.
  • Long ago I stopped comparing my experiences to those of others. I compare mine to what I really intend to experience. If there is a mismatch, I make the necessary corrections immediately.
  • Start Advancing (living fully) and Stop Aging (deteriorating) – longevity has nothing to do with aging. Aging (withering slowly) is a conspired suggestion cemented by commercial manipulation. Inevitable deterioration after reaching physical maturity, supposedly between 18 & 21 years of age, is a global belief reinforced by mass evidence: what you believe & imagine you will eventually experience, a self-fulfilled prophecy. But so what, that does not make it ‘true’ for everyone. And it isn’t for many of us. Thank goodness!
  • How to cultivate elegance & charm & maintain joie de vivre?
  • Indulge in & appreciate whatever the present moment looks like. Make it your Beloved lover, giving it your all. Let nothing wedge its way between you & Beloved. Your deep continuous happiness will radiate joy through your eyes and stance, put a sprint in your step & evoke the pure love of an unpolluted child.

  • We are constantly living out self-fulfilled prophecies.

  • Being fearful and suspicious of others comes from feelings of  unworthiness and fear of abandonment.

Trees outside my window woke me up clapping in roaring unison as the morning rays licked each leaf with the most tender loving appreciation.

I’m so happy I can hardly speak. I’m overtaken by spontaneous grinning.

Thank you so much for your positive emails regarding previous posts. But can you  share your ideas & comments below so that others can benefit, get encouragement? I really want to hear from you! And I will respond. Thank you!

Life is fun!


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2 thoughts on “Flashes of Insight

  1. Hi Thandiwe,
    Loved your wise comments on the credit/debt crisis and feel that this guy Chris Martenson has also managed to bring this big issue into mainstreem understanding…
    “The more we share the more we grow……………………………………………, n’est pas?”


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