Chic Pavlovians—An Alternative

Good morning Beautiful People!

Part two of article, Chic Pavlovians, starts with a quote from the last post: “Worse, they eagerly pay to be a guinea pig for experimental facial or whole body makeovers.


Everything created has a lifespan. Everything crafted is destructible. Everything learned can be transmuted. Including your knee jerk reactions, your conditioned reflexes to join the chic clique of robot consumers and laboratory guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry…remember Pavlov’s dogs? You can take back control of your mind by discovering your (not other folks’) values and priorities and act from that platform. Why dilute the richness of your original you by duplicating destructive personalities and behavior when being your authentic self is so effortless and extremely attractive and it lasts a lifetime?

You have chosen to discount your natural beauty, magnificent uniqueness and subject your delicate body to physical and psychological torture. So why do you shout, “I’m a helpless victim! Feel sorry for me! Love this person I hate!” Blaming incompetent or charlatan doctors for mutilating your flesh will not exonerate you from personal responsibility. It was your own volition to be a trial specimen. And it is only you who can decide to search the depths of your authentic self and discover your true identity, which has nothing to do with anyone else.

One woe-is-gullible-me strategy for avoiding responsibility is to ignore the dubious information your doctor prescribes or hideous work environments. Why behave as if your body belongs to someone else…like beasts marching to a slaughterhouse. Nature is beautiful in the eyes of its individuated selves but only human beings loathe their own anatomy to the extent they take extreme risks to resemble a 23 year old as much as cosmetically possible.

Note: If these surgeries were corrective or restorative interventions because of disease, accidents, birth defects or disfigurement from aggression, for examples, I would not be writing this article.

Now I also enjoy pampering and adorning my body (socially appropriate) while maintaining my individuality. It is a fun challenge and demonstration of physical awareness, artistry, beauty and sexual attraction. Hey! Is not every animal essentially alike! However, the idea to butcher and patch up my body like a fifth-generation quilt so that I can try to dupe folks into believing I am a rare bird that defies her age or closely resembles the current celebrity, is not at all my perception of elegance and authenticity.

The compulsion that drives you to hack off body parts, extract sections of innards like workers pumping out sewage or to inject or implant foreign matter without considering the consequences, emerges from strong self-contempt. Just as destructive is your decision to empty your cash reserves or forego basic necessities of living in order to purchase a persona so that you can compete for or maintain a life partner or job position. You are only chasing a perverse image of your self. And substituting material things and fake looks for self-awareness and self-respect will not bring you lasting happiness and will definitely not rid you of anxiety. Media adverts, reality or sob story talk shows, gossip news and billboard ads target people who would rather be anything but self.

Initially, you may wonder how you fell out of sync with authenticity. Well, you simply forgot your identity: a whole exquisite being that is born with every possible thing needed to flourish and live the most joyous, loving, creative, successful, fun, vibrant life beyond your imagination. You believe that happiness, beauty and freedom are commodities to sacrifice for; in fact, these qualities are already yours, whether you allow them to emerge from and through you or not. Your state of self-forgetfulness is not permanent though…unless you lack the courage to know the real you.

Some questions to ask and answer for yourself:

  • Am I willing to get acquainted with the person I’ve been living with from moment one?
  • When did I start to feel inferior, ashamed of my appearance? Natural talents? Original ideas? Deepest desires?
  • When was the last time I was authentic and true to myself for more than five seconds?
  • What in me makes me want to copycat people?
  • How can I stop following soulless crowds of robots?
  • When is the best time to strut my gifts, talents, elegance, and deliver my contribution on this planet?
  • Am I ready to experience the life of my dreams? Do I even know what that dream is?!
  • Whose opinion of me is more important than my own intuitive knowing?

Remember this: Everything created has a lifespan. Everything crafted is destructible. Everything learned can be transmuted. You can take back control of your mind by exploring the depths of your self, right here where you stand in life, right now this very day.

Did you know that when you stare into a mirror in order to see yourself, an image of the sweet, unpolluted beauty of your youth emerges? And when you sincerely accept and love this image, it will remain visible, a constant reminder of your fearless, joyous, confident self. First, it radiates through your face. When you are more receptive of you, your entire body will feel and appear to be more and more vibrant and youthful. So why wait? Try it now!

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Allow happiness!


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Successful whether you like it or not


Creative Life

For every spark of life, successful manifestation of its intention is inevitable. You, too, are luminous sparks of endless life. From the start you are lavishly endowed with everything you need to flourish, to succeed in manifesting anything and everything you sincerely desire or even unwittingly do not want.

There really is nothing to chase or grab hold of and hide from suspects or hoard for the days of famine you robotically construct in your mind. You are ready now to transcend this primitive, yet requisite, stage of awakening through forced actions—feeling forced by the expectations of people you respect more than your very own self; plus 12 to 20 years of sponge schooling in lieu of self-examination which inspires best actions. Are you ready to abandon your attachment to lassitude and neediness? Are you ready to jump off the jam-packed ledge of cowards and listen to and follow your deepest calling?

Success is not an enigma. Nor is it allotted to a privileged minority.  If achieving money, fame or coveted awards is the sum of success, then, at least 90% of the world’s peoples are failures. Of course, you know better! The first experience of mega success occurred in the moment you escaped the womb, somebody cut the umbilical cord and you swallowed your first liquid food. After that, everything you have learned and have practiced enough (whether labeled right or wrong) has prepared you for the next sequence in your upward spiral development. So then, why does the majority of humanity minimize or prevent their innate propensity to succeed? Here is my abridged view.

You have been duped both by implicit and brazen advertisements since babyhood. You get the impression that phantom puppeteers control the brains of ad agencies, which bombard your senses with streaming adverts to induce feelings of unworthiness and inferiority unless you succumb to excessive consumerism. They maintain their position of puppeteer of the masses by strengthening the fear of being alone with yourself, ridicule from others and of taking full responsibility for your life. They provoke an infantile wish to be breastfed and the sole object of attention—i.e., narcissism.

Thanks to maliciously crafted crowd-hypnosis, you blindly rush to join the self-defacement society. I am not speaking about egoism: the need to fit in so not to risk exclusion from the flock or to pretend humility and kindness and appear lofty or privileged. I am referring to collective self-defacement as an effective mechanism to keep you distracted from the bigger self within and your original plan for exploring life in human form.

Caution! We are not jumping on the victim wagon here. Remember: you were born with the capacity to decide how you want to experiment with your life—via resistance, struggle or flow, a state of allowing. You can succeed on every level by simply being true to yourself, authentic in your intention. If you deliberately let your life flourish, even though you will not know beforehand the sequence of actions and coincidences, you will easily do whatever is required to transmute your intention into physical reality. No one can cause you to fail. No one. Because what you are witnessing today is the result of your choice. Therefore, you are creating an endless success story right here in the timeless now.

“If it is to be, it is up to me.” – Anonymous

 (I cover in depth the subject of success in my book-in-progress. I will keep you informed as it progresses.)

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Friends Are Like That

Jump 4 Joy!

Good morning Beautiful People,

The following text is a gratitude poem. But because I’m temporarily inept in using this blog platform, alas, I had to convert it into paragraph form.

Dear Friends, how much I thank you!

You broke my fall into an abyss of despair. You added me to your holiday guest list,  and sent me fabulous people links and web links to boost my morale, to boost my knowledge, to boost my income.

Thank you Friends for confiding in me.

You trusted me to guard your worst fears and ‘hideous’ wants and secrets.  And thanks for safeguarding mine! We taught each other those things that we ourselves had not grasped. All that sincere sharing grew us, especially me, hopefully you too.

Thank you Friends for playing my playmate—

Did we not wake up our carefree, giggly, silly selves? So much fun had we, to be responsibly irresponsible & spontaneous! Being immune to disciplinary stares in public places, we modeled pure joy.

Thank you Friends who pretended to be strangers passing in a flash.

You reflected back to me what I needed to examine & keep me synchronized in integrity. Thank you for being a caretaker when the babyish me was bigger than the adult me…You provided a refuge so that i could lick my wounds from battling the invisible war in my head.

Thank you Friends for applauding my little successes.

You have been my first row fans & competent critics who pointed me to excellence. Without you, I would exist as vapor…unable to stand upright in the world.

Thank you Friends for your sunrise concert, your upbeat chatter & wing flapping…

Just before you dove faster than fighter jets from roofs to grab beaks-full of dry stalks or balls of green moss, weeds & loose gravel from my balcony garden; and peeled off dead slivers of bark to build the most exquisite weather-proof houses, meticulously arranging one piece at a time. What presence! What intelligence! What love! You show me how to design with finesse.

Thank you Friends for reminding me of “seed of potential.”

How wise you are to speak loudly & clearly without an audible voice! You bend with the tempest without breaking. You shed yourself bare & bow low in gratitude, reverence for life. Every time I look towards my balcony there you are—growing, forever elegantly, new leaves & limbs & bark with original color schemes to attract the perfect residents. You are allowing your own seed of potential to flourish to its fullest.

I thank you past & future, my ghost Friends, for making it plain how you do not exist.

Past is a pretty synonym of mental cemetery: A favorite, highly frequented spot where human beings indulge in exhuming the same old bones gone to dust, the material used to build a feared or longed for future. Because ‘you are not,’  I have returned to living fearlessly: I create right now & I experience the results right here in my consciousness!

Thank you critter Friends: especially the spider that weaved a web across my window that attracted strange teeny-weeny critters that left unsightly stains that compromised my view. So I sprayed vinegar water to chase it away.

The next morning, spider had constructed a new more elaborate web. This time I thoroughly cleaned my window of web & stains. But on day three, a new web just as beautiful had trapped several tiny critters frantically attempting to escape. What is your message Friend?

Never give up! Give total attention to your intention. If failures seem endless, do what you do better until your intention is manifested”.…Yes, Spider is me.

Thank you Friends–the light, air, earth & water that sustain this physical body; the mind that designs my whole life experience: this planet playground in which I have fun trying out my talents & gifts; examining results (what is, a finished product); contemplating cause & effect to expand my awareness & capacity to give more of the limitless reservoir of love intelligence that I am.

Thank you Friends. Thank you.

Flashes of Insight

Tandi quotes are updated weekly.

11 November 2010

  • Origin of serial debt: addiction to instant gratification; a lack of forethought before purchase; extreme need to gain approval or the envy of others; fear of  scarcity in a future; infantile behavior by making creditors, society & authority figures your surrogate parents, whom you try to please by making payments on time but borrow incessantly; & a victim’s strategy to avoid true intimacy by becoming a workaholic to pay debt.
  • We all have something worthwhile to give even if we are penniless & licking discarded bread crumbs off the sidewalks. What can that be? A sincere greeting, smile, a look without words that compliments the other, courtesy, saying thank you & meaning it, helping a terrified elder cross a busy street without a cross-walk, giving folks the benefit of a doubt, accepting & appreciating the immense diversity of ideas, personalities & creativity in the universe & discovering all sorts of goodies in our current situation, for examples.
  • You have to focus on the what (object of desire or intention) while being clear about the why, which lingers in the background as a silent reminder to transmute your commitment into dedication and dedication into devotion.
  • Hoarding & hiding what we have to give, which is a lot more than we think, is a mean miser who has a strong belief in scarcity.
  • Stinginess, like true generosity, reveals our history of loving.
  • I have never been able to identify with the words ‘retirement’ & ‘earn a good living.’ Retirement from expressing vitality & creativity in our participation in life denotes the last breath.  I don’t need to adopt the label “retired” in order to step forward into a new creative experience. As for earning, there’s the subtle question of personal worth attached to the amount of money and shiny stuff we have accumulated. But my devotion to the seed of potential I was born with, is the ‘earning’ that qualifies & quantifies my so-called good living, which includes vastly more than mere things.
  • I’ve noticed that when I concentrate on completing one activity at a time, time becomes my servant, pacing itself to meet my wishes.
  • Long ago I stopped comparing my experiences to those of others. I compare mine to what I really intend to experience. If there is a mismatch, I make the necessary corrections immediately.
  • Start Advancing (living fully) and Stop Aging (deteriorating) – longevity has nothing to do with aging. Aging (withering slowly) is a conspired suggestion cemented by commercial manipulation. Inevitable deterioration after reaching physical maturity, supposedly between 18 & 21 years of age, is a global belief reinforced by mass evidence: what you believe & imagine you will eventually experience, a self-fulfilled prophecy. But so what, that does not make it ‘true’ for everyone. And it isn’t for many of us. Thank goodness!
  • How to cultivate elegance & charm & maintain joie de vivre?
  • Indulge in & appreciate whatever the present moment looks like. Make it your Beloved lover, giving it your all. Let nothing wedge its way between you & Beloved. Your deep continuous happiness will radiate joy through your eyes and stance, put a sprint in your step & evoke the pure love of an unpolluted child.

  • We are constantly living out self-fulfilled prophecies.

  • Being fearful and suspicious of others comes from feelings of  unworthiness and fear of abandonment.

Trees outside my window woke me up clapping in roaring unison as the morning rays licked each leaf with the most tender loving appreciation.

I’m so happy I can hardly speak. I’m overtaken by spontaneous grinning.

Thank you so much for your positive emails regarding previous posts. But can you  share your ideas & comments below so that others can benefit, get encouragement? I really want to hear from you! And I will respond. Thank you!

Life is fun!


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