Crystal Clarity

Good morning Friends,

It has been a long while since I last posted. Not because I had abandoned my love of speaking to invoke introspection and discussion or to assist in problem solving. Not because of a succession of mishaps and troubling inconveniences in my personal life. I was not even scared to announce changes in my path. I was unable to.

The mere thought to project sound towards curious ears or to link words on paper was intolerable, even painful. I could not afford to breach this sweet, mysterious, horizonless silence—a life opportunity was at hand. I had to embrace it with all my might and hold on with all three eyes: the physical and mental eyes that scheme to show who you are and who you are not.

“Dive deep, examine, release” was the command I heard. I did, and amongst the heap of dreams, my-story and my future, I rediscovered my true passion.

Ironically, the discovery was not the theatrical event as you would imagine; but rather an awareness so clear and complete in its delivery that thought was non-existent. I got it. Every cell in my body got it. I-we wanted to fly with my new wings.

Fact is, my true passion and supporting passions have been evolving and unfolding over time, since I was a youngster. My trajectory has prepared me for this moment.

I had to grow into it via awareness, practice, the grueling process of letting go of outgrown beliefs, and discernment of the work that is fundamental to human unfoldment. This work is best executed by women who are willing, able and ready to step up into the position of wise, compassionate, dedicated leaders on the world stage.

I say world stage because women are the first educators of humankind. We are in the most powerful position to push the global shift from lineal, ego driven, aggressive motivations to a refined paradigm of all-inclusive thinking, being, relating and creating, with intent to stand collectively, heal and serve the cause of spiritual well-being. Women can model vibrant health, fearless stance, safety, mutual support, wisdom, justice and beauty for all. This great work must begin within each individual–our  outer life shows the public how we consistently orchestrate the inner workings of the mind and physical activity.

Be natural!

What are your thoughts?

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