Flashes of Insight3

Good morning Beautiful People,

I would appreciate hearing your comments. Let’s share! Here is my bit.

There’s no permanent power in the destructible.

Those who take the most are the poorest. For taking, not giving, equals fear in action–the kingdom of suffering.

Positive beliefs are better than fatalistic ones. But eventually we must transcend them. A belief, vulnerable to alteration or disproof, can never be the truth. Beliefs cannot co-exist with direct knowing or intuition.

Nightmare: the belief in the moment that love and life are absent.

The body itself is a passive instrument. It neither falls ill nor heals itself. Both of these are mental projections on the body. What we perceive as real in our world, individually and collectively, is energetically manifested in the body… as harmony or disharmony.

I’m not interested in a person’s criticism or opinion about me. It’s none of my business. I have happier things to do…like to feel empathy for the person as I hope someone felt for me when I too criticised and shouted know-it-all opinions about others,  including against myself.

To love another person is easy when we see ourselves in the individual. And everybody is our very own self. The hardest is to accept hate of ourselves projected in people because we prefer to believe in the illusion of separation…It’s them! Not me!

Words and actions must marry before you get the prize. –Wanda Pilot, my youngest sister.

The question to ask and answer all day long is Do I love me enough to be true to myself right here, right now?

Being a fraud in one area of living contaminates all other areas. Truth is complete, seamless. It cannot be compartmentalized.

Authors of entertainment have simple objectives. They want to inspire awareness and growth or laughter and lightheartness to soothe the soul or to keep the viewers dull, fearful and moldable… distracted from themselves and essentially miserable.

I apply  makeup or hair color to enhance my natural beauty and to give myself a new look, but not to hide supposed flaws or to conform to some superficial standard of femininity. I let them show. I’m fine just the way I am.

Recently, I realized that I, too, am light; not just seeing it external to myself in others. I also am included.

Knowing What I am gives me an accurate clue to Who I am.

My only maxim is Be Completely Authentic 100% of the time. This for me is the point of departure for all decisions, intentions and actions. Being authentic or true to myself is the only way I can practice Love In Action.

Speech has one purpose: to communicate a state of love. It was never meant to be a noise-box shouting egocentric strings of letters and symbols weighted down by irrelevance.

Discipline only is necessary when I am forcing myself to do something I don’t want to do, resisting the moment,  blind to the Grace that envelops the now.

The now moment is never contaminated by the past nor altered by futuristic fantasies. How can it be when neither past nor future exist in reality!

I can trace all my suffering to one cause: I was not true to myself continuously. The cure is obvious.

Until next time, thank you and enjoy life!


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