Chic Pavlovians—An Alternative

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Part two of article, Chic Pavlovians, starts with a quote from the last post: “Worse, they eagerly pay to be a guinea pig for experimental facial or whole body makeovers.


Everything created has a lifespan. Everything crafted is destructible. Everything learned can be transmuted. Including your knee jerk reactions, your conditioned reflexes to join the chic clique of robot consumers and laboratory guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry…remember Pavlov’s dogs? You can take back control of your mind by discovering your (not other folks’) values and priorities and act from that platform. Why dilute the richness of your original you by duplicating destructive personalities and behavior when being your authentic self is so effortless and extremely attractive and it lasts a lifetime?

You have chosen to discount your natural beauty, magnificent uniqueness and subject your delicate body to physical and psychological torture. So why do you shout, “I’m a helpless victim! Feel sorry for me! Love this person I hate!” Blaming incompetent or charlatan doctors for mutilating your flesh will not exonerate you from personal responsibility. It was your own volition to be a trial specimen. And it is only you who can decide to search the depths of your authentic self and discover your true identity, which has nothing to do with anyone else.

One woe-is-gullible-me strategy for avoiding responsibility is to ignore the dubious information your doctor prescribes or hideous work environments. Why behave as if your body belongs to someone else…like beasts marching to a slaughterhouse. Nature is beautiful in the eyes of its individuated selves but only human beings loathe their own anatomy to the extent they take extreme risks to resemble a 23 year old as much as cosmetically possible.

Note: If these surgeries were corrective or restorative interventions because of disease, accidents, birth defects or disfigurement from aggression, for examples, I would not be writing this article.

Now I also enjoy pampering and adorning my body (socially appropriate) while maintaining my individuality. It is a fun challenge and demonstration of physical awareness, artistry, beauty and sexual attraction. Hey! Is not every animal essentially alike! However, the idea to butcher and patch up my body like a fifth-generation quilt so that I can try to dupe folks into believing I am a rare bird that defies her age or closely resembles the current celebrity, is not at all my perception of elegance and authenticity.

The compulsion that drives you to hack off body parts, extract sections of innards like workers pumping out sewage or to inject or implant foreign matter without considering the consequences, emerges from strong self-contempt. Just as destructive is your decision to empty your cash reserves or forego basic necessities of living in order to purchase a persona so that you can compete for or maintain a life partner or job position. You are only chasing a perverse image of your self. And substituting material things and fake looks for self-awareness and self-respect will not bring you lasting happiness and will definitely not rid you of anxiety. Media adverts, reality or sob story talk shows, gossip news and billboard ads target people who would rather be anything but self.

Initially, you may wonder how you fell out of sync with authenticity. Well, you simply forgot your identity: a whole exquisite being that is born with every possible thing needed to flourish and live the most joyous, loving, creative, successful, fun, vibrant life beyond your imagination. You believe that happiness, beauty and freedom are commodities to sacrifice for; in fact, these qualities are already yours, whether you allow them to emerge from and through you or not. Your state of self-forgetfulness is not permanent though…unless you lack the courage to know the real you.

Some questions to ask and answer for yourself:

  • Am I willing to get acquainted with the person I’ve been living with from moment one?
  • When did I start to feel inferior, ashamed of my appearance? Natural talents? Original ideas? Deepest desires?
  • When was the last time I was authentic and true to myself for more than five seconds?
  • What in me makes me want to copycat people?
  • How can I stop following soulless crowds of robots?
  • When is the best time to strut my gifts, talents, elegance, and deliver my contribution on this planet?
  • Am I ready to experience the life of my dreams? Do I even know what that dream is?!
  • Whose opinion of me is more important than my own intuitive knowing?

Remember this: Everything created has a lifespan. Everything crafted is destructible. Everything learned can be transmuted. You can take back control of your mind by exploring the depths of your self, right here where you stand in life, right now this very day.

Did you know that when you stare into a mirror in order to see yourself, an image of the sweet, unpolluted beauty of your youth emerges? And when you sincerely accept and love this image, it will remain visible, a constant reminder of your fearless, joyous, confident self. First, it radiates through your face. When you are more receptive of you, your entire body will feel and appear to be more and more vibrant and youthful. So why wait? Try it now!

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