Welcome Beautiful People!

This is my first post and I hope that we will talk about personal experiences and new insights that will deepen our self-awareness and inspire more empowerment. I thank you in advance for your comments!

I started this blog because I am committed to participating in the advancement of women worldwide.

It is one more medium to communicate my thoughts and experiences regarding common subjects and women specific challenges. And to invite ideas from other women (and men too) with the intention to enrich our lives and to inspire deeper self awareness. Within the vastness of awareness reside self-reliance and happiness.

I have named this blog The Feminine Feminine to state there is far more to being a woman than sexiness, parenting, lover/wife; working double duty and paid working-poor wages while calling ourselves liberated or behaving as caricature men to earn mega money. Do we really want to rush home to put in an eight-hour workload within four hours before dropping onto the bed from exhaustion? Do we really want to mean it when we say Not tonight Honey, I’m too tired? I assure you, there is immeasurably more to us than that!

What is that more? It is a deeper immeasurable, broader dimension that is untouched by events, I call it Life.  It is that which animates the feminine woman (and the masculine man). Life–the One appearing as infinite many forms–is our source of instant knowing, freedom, joy, clarity, creativity, love, power and beauty. Life is that energy within that nudges us to step up to the next level in our growth and becomes the forms of supply that fills every need.

In order to be live examples of strength, gentleness, wisdom and self-reliance for our children and all the men in our lives, we must first surrender completely to Life so that we can take our original place in this world as calm and confident leaders. The time is now and we are already qualified–the seed of potential is within, waiting to be cultivated.

Again, I welcome your comments. Thank you.

One thought on “Welcome Beautiful People!

  1. Hi Cous !

    Just browsed thru your blog. About to dash out to work a bit. But I’ll say this; your work is gentlely presented, yet strong and insightful. Good style and on point. Thanks for sharing!!


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