The Danger of “living within your means”

Good morning Great People,

Most of us have been taught that in order to live without accumulating debt we must live within, preferably significantly below, our means. Means, of course, refers to money. I do not completely agree with this practice because there’s a subtle suggestion of scarcity and lack beliefs rather than fearless and wise use of plenitude.

Common counsel says manage your spending priorities by either tithing first (an act of faith) or by paying for the necessities of life first (food, housing…). Next, you should save a fixed percentage of your gross income or revenues and if there is a modest surplus, you can spend it on prudently selected ‘little pleasures’ and somewhat alleviate the frustration of not having quite enough or pinching pennies.

A more elaborate strategy recommends: first, pay yourself by saving a percentage (it will increase as revenues grow) in order to invest and ultimately generate sufficient passive income that will set you free from sweat and toil. Second, attend to the necessities of living and pay your bills as best you can. And last, the only money you spend on pleasures will come from net profits from your investments. In both scenarios, you are advised to manage what you have wisely, depending on your circumstances, point of view, lifestyle goals and personality: the latter plan appears to emerge from the philosophy of wealth consciousness in respect to finance. But the problem inherent in believing only money is means prohibits most of us from seeing beyond the jingles in our pockets or the fluctuating totals on our ledger sheets.

In other words, we construct a one-grain-of-sand view of means, source and life. We believe our extremely limited human perspective reveals the totality of a situation, subject or person. However, if you would blink one more time, you will know that no being or thing is ever left out of the ineffable goings-on in the universe, on this earth, because each equally is an indispensable aspect of it. And this fact applies to means.

One Source Many Means

Ponder this. Means is any and all avenues or channels through which we receive the fulfillment of our needs and real desires. Therefore, each of us is a means via our natural gifts, talents and skills, being a living example, sharing what we have. It also appears as opportunities, intuition or flash insights, a gut feeling, money, ideas to act on, unexpected gifts, serendipity, a particular person, objects, solutions, strong persistent pull, sudden urge, nudging or prompt to say or do something immediately. Means shows up as media, coincidence, seemingly unrelated events, conditions and unexpected changes in lifestyle. It is the individual’s responsibility to develop acute, alert awareness while maintaining a relaxed receptive attitude. Otherwise, we might confuse means with its source. Ignorance of this subtle difference has caused the interment of countless numbers of unknown geniuses.

You might ask, “Is not means and source the same?” Yes, in that, as far as I am concerned, there is only the One (infinite, eternal source) expressing itself as infinite many forms (right-for-now means). So the means is individuated expressions of the One. Therefore, the One is the essence, source of all means. But because of deeply engrained beliefs sustained by the masses that money, prestigious titles, social status, power of influence, health & beauty and fame are the source of happiness, success, romance and love, we function from a platform of fear, anxiety, jealousy, competitiveness, greed and yes, poverty. We witness the precariousness of means and adopt the one-grain-of-sand conclusion… giving means the post it can never occupy: the source.

So what shall we do? To start, I would suggest trying out the steps I am going to outline in this post. They worked for me! This is how it all started.

As usual, I tend to happen upon insights, situations, people, opportunities, etc. that move my life forward. One day, I happened to notice myself assessing the purpose of my surroundings, my body, family and friends, current lifestyle and how I brought them about. I had never before felt such depth of clarity, gratitude and appreciation for me, everyone, everything, including very painful encounters and situations. The insights that emerged carried me deeper to understand the subtle but huge difference between source and means. I eventually discovered security and independence from within, which is not at all measured by external reality. I will speak in depth about this in a future post.

Mind you, the process I went through was not without emotional pain associated with fear and doubt. But my willingness and readiness to know was powerful enough to keep me on track during the darkest hours. And there were many. This is what I learned to do and I still do it when I revert to irresponsible activities—blame, anger, cowardice or self-pity.

1)– In a casual way, look beyond the obvious for the purpose or the intention behind your desire. Expect to dig deep until you sense your single core intention. Refrain from judging or justifying your sincere desires that are deemed unacceptable by others. The opinion of others about you is irrelevant and is none of your business. Note that intention is the command-energy that summons your desire into physical reality. Your desire will appear to show up from out there via various channels or means. However, it already exists in its full potential within you but only your readiness for it allows you to ‘see’ what we label: a manifestation.

2)– Allow yourself to enjoy experiencing the multiple dimensions of your thoughts, feelings, insights and urges to take action in an unexpected way. It will never be an urge to abuse yourself or others! Be sure not to judge or label your experience. Simply observe yourself and respond spontaneously to whatever comes up. If you allow it, rather than resist whatever is happening, you will receive tremendous clarity, insights, solutions, positive closure on dangling issues and other lovely surprises. You will feel more alive, confident, at ease in your body, at ease in your world.

Next, in the same relaxed manner, repeat steps 1 and 2 for all living beings whether humans, animals, moon, plants, rocks, country, annoyances; and your personal belongings, relationships, current situation, state of mind and body, lifestyle, your goals and not the puny goals others may prescribe for you. I repeat: unless someone’s goal for you is bigger and more inspiring than the one you have already set for yourself, trash it without apologies or guilt.

Last, if you are truly open to being free, you will notice the folly in placing your life in the hands of fleeting channels or means—expecting them to offer you permanence of security, safety, lifestyle, love, income or happiness. The source of you, the source of your experience and the source of the means through which you give and receive is the same source of every other experience in the universe, simultaneously. Means emerges from source, not the reverse. Remember: One source and infinite forms of means or channels.

Sidebar: the reason folks go on strikes, murder, burglarize, commit suicide, join sects and switch political parties is due to prolonged frustration from depending on means–like parents, spouse, employers, government policies, professional titles or clients that will one day retire from serving you–as your inexhaustible source.  Nothing made, a finished product, is the source of itself. Can the pot make the potter?

So now you know. Let me show you a little trick…it is so simple you will be surprised even though this bit of information is older than the hills. Nothing is new here. An example: imagine that you want X amount of money this month. Be honest with yourself—know your underlying intention for wanting it. Do you want to impress folks and get their approval or envy and get noticed so you can feel worthy? Or simply to feel good about being able to spend as you like and enjoy your purchase without experiencing negative consequences? Why is self-honesty important? You will manifest your underlying intention, which may or may not include the object you think you want. In other words, you may receive money via familiar or unexpected channels or the object you wish to purchase without having to pay for it yourself. Rather than wracking your brain about exactly how or when you will manifest your intention, go about doing the things that inspire happiness, activities that produce pleasurable experiences.

You can start by sincerely appreciating what and who you are, your current situation and everything you have so far. You can practice your talents, the gifts you were born with and develop your natural skills. You can indulge in well-being activities or walk in nature or engage in pleasant small talk with an elderly neighbor who craves human contact. You can apply for a job or contact potential clients or post content on your website. Why not learn something new? Point is: engage in any activity you feel drawn to that feels just right in your mind and body right here right now. Then your doing will be a pleasure, an attractor of love, success and opulence rather than tainted with anxiety, anger, thoughts of lack and scarcity.

Because your mind is not at all focused on the how or when your need or desire will appear in your experience, best results will happen quicker and you will feel as if it sort of manifested without your input. At least that has been my experience more and more frequently.

Tell me: what are your insights, experiences? I would enjoy hearing from you.

So post your comments below before you forget. And if you find something useful in this blog, why not subscribe so you can receive email notification each time I publish a post. And recommend this blog to others who might benefit. Thank you in advance.

Shall we meet up again this week?

Until then,

Allow happiness!


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Friends Are Like That

Jump 4 Joy!

Good morning Beautiful People,

The following text is a gratitude poem. But because I’m temporarily inept in using this blog platform, alas, I had to convert it into paragraph form.

Dear Friends, how much I thank you!

You broke my fall into an abyss of despair. You added me to your holiday guest list,  and sent me fabulous people links and web links to boost my morale, to boost my knowledge, to boost my income.

Thank you Friends for confiding in me.

You trusted me to guard your worst fears and ‘hideous’ wants and secrets.  And thanks for safeguarding mine! We taught each other those things that we ourselves had not grasped. All that sincere sharing grew us, especially me, hopefully you too.

Thank you Friends for playing my playmate—

Did we not wake up our carefree, giggly, silly selves? So much fun had we, to be responsibly irresponsible & spontaneous! Being immune to disciplinary stares in public places, we modeled pure joy.

Thank you Friends who pretended to be strangers passing in a flash.

You reflected back to me what I needed to examine & keep me synchronized in integrity. Thank you for being a caretaker when the babyish me was bigger than the adult me…You provided a refuge so that i could lick my wounds from battling the invisible war in my head.

Thank you Friends for applauding my little successes.

You have been my first row fans & competent critics who pointed me to excellence. Without you, I would exist as vapor…unable to stand upright in the world.

Thank you Friends for your sunrise concert, your upbeat chatter & wing flapping…

Just before you dove faster than fighter jets from roofs to grab beaks-full of dry stalks or balls of green moss, weeds & loose gravel from my balcony garden; and peeled off dead slivers of bark to build the most exquisite weather-proof houses, meticulously arranging one piece at a time. What presence! What intelligence! What love! You show me how to design with finesse.

Thank you Friends for reminding me of “seed of potential.”

How wise you are to speak loudly & clearly without an audible voice! You bend with the tempest without breaking. You shed yourself bare & bow low in gratitude, reverence for life. Every time I look towards my balcony there you are—growing, forever elegantly, new leaves & limbs & bark with original color schemes to attract the perfect residents. You are allowing your own seed of potential to flourish to its fullest.

I thank you past & future, my ghost Friends, for making it plain how you do not exist.

Past is a pretty synonym of mental cemetery: A favorite, highly frequented spot where human beings indulge in exhuming the same old bones gone to dust, the material used to build a feared or longed for future. Because ‘you are not,’  I have returned to living fearlessly: I create right now & I experience the results right here in my consciousness!

Thank you critter Friends: especially the spider that weaved a web across my window that attracted strange teeny-weeny critters that left unsightly stains that compromised my view. So I sprayed vinegar water to chase it away.

The next morning, spider had constructed a new more elaborate web. This time I thoroughly cleaned my window of web & stains. But on day three, a new web just as beautiful had trapped several tiny critters frantically attempting to escape. What is your message Friend?

Never give up! Give total attention to your intention. If failures seem endless, do what you do better until your intention is manifested”.…Yes, Spider is me.

Thank you Friends–the light, air, earth & water that sustain this physical body; the mind that designs my whole life experience: this planet playground in which I have fun trying out my talents & gifts; examining results (what is, a finished product); contemplating cause & effect to expand my awareness & capacity to give more of the limitless reservoir of love intelligence that I am.

Thank you Friends. Thank you.

Flashes of Insight3

Good morning Beautiful People,

I would appreciate hearing your comments. Let’s share! Here is my bit.

There’s no permanent power in the destructible.

Those who take the most are the poorest. For taking, not giving, equals fear in action–the kingdom of suffering.

Positive beliefs are better than fatalistic ones. But eventually we must transcend them. A belief, vulnerable to alteration or disproof, can never be the truth. Beliefs cannot co-exist with direct knowing or intuition.

Nightmare: the belief in the moment that love and life are absent.

The body itself is a passive instrument. It neither falls ill nor heals itself. Both of these are mental projections on the body. What we perceive as real in our world, individually and collectively, is energetically manifested in the body… as harmony or disharmony.

I’m not interested in a person’s criticism or opinion about me. It’s none of my business. I have happier things to do…like to feel empathy for the person as I hope someone felt for me when I too criticised and shouted know-it-all opinions about others,  including against myself.

To love another person is easy when we see ourselves in the individual. And everybody is our very own self. The hardest is to accept hate of ourselves projected in people because we prefer to believe in the illusion of separation…It’s them! Not me!

Words and actions must marry before you get the prize. –Wanda Pilot, my youngest sister.

The question to ask and answer all day long is Do I love me enough to be true to myself right here, right now?

Being a fraud in one area of living contaminates all other areas. Truth is complete, seamless. It cannot be compartmentalized.

Authors of entertainment have simple objectives. They want to inspire awareness and growth or laughter and lightheartness to soothe the soul or to keep the viewers dull, fearful and moldable… distracted from themselves and essentially miserable.

I apply  makeup or hair color to enhance my natural beauty and to give myself a new look, but not to hide supposed flaws or to conform to some superficial standard of femininity. I let them show. I’m fine just the way I am.

Recently, I realized that I, too, am light; not just seeing it external to myself in others. I also am included.

Knowing What I am gives me an accurate clue to Who I am.

My only maxim is Be Completely Authentic 100% of the time. This for me is the point of departure for all decisions, intentions and actions. Being authentic or true to myself is the only way I can practice Love In Action.

Speech has one purpose: to communicate a state of love. It was never meant to be a noise-box shouting egocentric strings of letters and symbols weighted down by irrelevance.

Discipline only is necessary when I am forcing myself to do something I don’t want to do, resisting the moment,  blind to the Grace that envelops the now.

The now moment is never contaminated by the past nor altered by futuristic fantasies. How can it be when neither past nor future exist in reality!

I can trace all my suffering to one cause: I was not true to myself continuously. The cure is obvious.

Until next time, thank you and enjoy life!


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Flashes of Insight2

–There is no risk in truth.

–So much endless searching for your purposeful work, passion, gift to the world…procrastinating to avoid loving or giving. Why not start at your current level of understanding? What are you waiting for–for your gift to descend from a summit? But what is it? you ask. Your gift is sitting quietly in your daily choices. It is the subject of your outrageous daydreams that you dare not expose. It appears as your persistent preferences, pleasures and intuitive knowing and in your leisure moments. It is smack in the middle of your relationships. All.  It infiltrates each nuance of living because of its seamless presence in your experience. There is nothing to seek. Simply pay attention to your intuition edging you forward rather than vacillating between what you know and the imposition of puny opinions and judgment of spectators. What do they have to do with you? Nothing at all. Their projections are none of your business. Know that what you are running from is clinging to you. Why not give it a big hug and make it your lover?

–“It’s very immature to be afraid.” Wanda J. Pilot

–There is never anything to wait for…to happen or to do or to come to us. It is already done, already complete and is present, with us here now. Our job is to become acutely aware of it. In that moment, we will have initiated an easy accomplishment.

–We’ve been hearing since forever: “Outflow determines inflow.” But there’s more to outflow than working and scheming for monetary returns. Outflow starts with our thinking, desires, moment-to-moment choices, intentions, attitude, beliefs, feelings and words, which direct each single action or activity. At the same time, everything we’re experiencing today is inflow–the result of yesterday’s internal and external actions.

–Loneliness does not emerge from solitude or alienation. It is an effect of believing we are separate beings, on the outskirts of life. And the thought of joining the game of self-responsibility feels too threatening to attempt.

–I like knowing that no matter what happens, life is unfolding in Love order, in divine sequence.

–Fear and frustration arise when we attempt to control the flow of Life, which is impossible. If we persist, the resistance triggers a deterioration process of the mind, then the body. And no quantity of injections, pills, clever flesh carving or padding can prevent body rot. Let Life have its way and the mind plus body will jump for joy!

–The primary reason relationships dissolve into chaos is each party forgets that Love is always omnipresent. If Love is omnipresent then it must be all the power, all intelligence. All it takes is one person to remember this truth frequently. This I can witness: Love does heal all ills.

Is Life the activity of Love? Its outer reflection, manifestation? Is mind an amusing instrument of Life to create and pretend to play all the characters in its imaginary physical universe?

Flashes of Insight

Tandi quotes are updated weekly.

11 November 2010

  • Origin of serial debt: addiction to instant gratification; a lack of forethought before purchase; extreme need to gain approval or the envy of others; fear of  scarcity in a future; infantile behavior by making creditors, society & authority figures your surrogate parents, whom you try to please by making payments on time but borrow incessantly; & a victim’s strategy to avoid true intimacy by becoming a workaholic to pay debt.
  • We all have something worthwhile to give even if we are penniless & licking discarded bread crumbs off the sidewalks. What can that be? A sincere greeting, smile, a look without words that compliments the other, courtesy, saying thank you & meaning it, helping a terrified elder cross a busy street without a cross-walk, giving folks the benefit of a doubt, accepting & appreciating the immense diversity of ideas, personalities & creativity in the universe & discovering all sorts of goodies in our current situation, for examples.
  • You have to focus on the what (object of desire or intention) while being clear about the why, which lingers in the background as a silent reminder to transmute your commitment into dedication and dedication into devotion.
  • Hoarding & hiding what we have to give, which is a lot more than we think, is a mean miser who has a strong belief in scarcity.
  • Stinginess, like true generosity, reveals our history of loving.
  • I have never been able to identify with the words ‘retirement’ & ‘earn a good living.’ Retirement from expressing vitality & creativity in our participation in life denotes the last breath.  I don’t need to adopt the label “retired” in order to step forward into a new creative experience. As for earning, there’s the subtle question of personal worth attached to the amount of money and shiny stuff we have accumulated. But my devotion to the seed of potential I was born with, is the ‘earning’ that qualifies & quantifies my so-called good living, which includes vastly more than mere things.
  • I’ve noticed that when I concentrate on completing one activity at a time, time becomes my servant, pacing itself to meet my wishes.
  • Long ago I stopped comparing my experiences to those of others. I compare mine to what I really intend to experience. If there is a mismatch, I make the necessary corrections immediately.
  • Start Advancing (living fully) and Stop Aging (deteriorating) – longevity has nothing to do with aging. Aging (withering slowly) is a conspired suggestion cemented by commercial manipulation. Inevitable deterioration after reaching physical maturity, supposedly between 18 & 21 years of age, is a global belief reinforced by mass evidence: what you believe & imagine you will eventually experience, a self-fulfilled prophecy. But so what, that does not make it ‘true’ for everyone. And it isn’t for many of us. Thank goodness!
  • How to cultivate elegance & charm & maintain joie de vivre?
  • Indulge in & appreciate whatever the present moment looks like. Make it your Beloved lover, giving it your all. Let nothing wedge its way between you & Beloved. Your deep continuous happiness will radiate joy through your eyes and stance, put a sprint in your step & evoke the pure love of an unpolluted child.

  • We are constantly living out self-fulfilled prophecies.

  • Being fearful and suspicious of others comes from feelings of  unworthiness and fear of abandonment.

Trees outside my window woke me up clapping in roaring unison as the morning rays licked each leaf with the most tender loving appreciation.

I’m so happy I can hardly speak. I’m overtaken by spontaneous grinning.

Thank you so much for your positive emails regarding previous posts. But can you  share your ideas & comments below so that others can benefit, get encouragement? I really want to hear from you! And I will respond. Thank you!

Life is fun!


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Refuse to focus on the present moment; the past & future are more entertaining.

Struggle to change what is (a finished product of the past).

Gossip, blame, get very angry & speak rudely & loudly to others.

Waste time & energy by watching mind-mumbing TV, reading ‘people’ publications, surfing the internet, meeting up with unhappy others for cut-throat gossip sessions.

Abuse your body with foods, drink, drugs, insufficient activity, orifice pacifiers (tobacco, fingernails, food, objects…).

Rehash or reconstruct the past to make you look good, nearly perfect to your audience.

Procrastinate doing self-reliance type activities.

Have a tantrum in public to attract attention & pity.

Practice road rage.

Literally hate the elderly, the richer, beggars, those others who exhibit self-confidence & courage, do not look like or behave as you wish, have achieved in spite of heavy challenges.

Revenge your self-created enemies for not measuring down to your expectations.

Pout & rebel like a disgrundled 2-year old.

Display arrogance by showing how unappreciative you are.

Beg God & government to let you have your narcissistic way at the expense of others.

Cut queue to prove your superiority.

Lie, cheat, steal just because you can.

Invade the privacy of others but complain & revenge when others invade yours.

Interject your know-it-all opinions into conversations about which you know nothing & that do not concern you anyway.

Practice resistance: the “No I can’t be/have/do because____” habits of cowards.

Go out of your way to give alms to those you perceive as inferior to or lower than you.…those poor god-forgotten scum of the earth that we uppers must look after.

Give with conditions attached to the gift: a covert style of control–expect the receiver to respond & behave according to your wishes, so that you can get ego-gratification.

Criticize everyone about everything–especially friends who are thriving, success models of your own background, neighbors, other nationalities & cultures,  politicians, people more knowledgeable & creative than you.

Be 100% irresponsible, then attempt to manipulate others into suffering the consequences.

Make sure the low end of mediocrity is your highest standard of achievement.

Compete on every level to be the top dog of self-deception & a shallow existence.

Blame deceased parents, childhood experiences, ‘the system’ for your laziness & ignorance.

At every opportunity, revenge & hurt others with your sly off-hand remarks. This way you hide your own cowardice from yourself (though not from your audience).

Be quick to compare those rare split seconds of circumstance-initiated actions you are pushed into taking, to those who deliberately choose self-reliance regardless of circumstances.

Have handy excuses to justify your selfish refusal to offer your talents to the world.

Please share your ideas, comments below. I really want to hear from you! And I will respond.

Have fun!


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Giver or Taker—Is there a difference?

Giver or Taker—Is there a difference?

Giving is Love in action. It appears as a strong persistent desire to express itself–a nagging urge that self-transmutes into an intention or decision to give something that will highly benefit others (people, animals, vegetation, the earth, stars) and to get well paid for it.  However, the offering itself feels more important than  concern for remuneration. Why? We know already that unrelenting giving is the magic potion for lifelong happiness and ever-expanding prosperity. It is the only guarantee that I know of for receiving continuous streams of  significant income and incredible opportunities to express more  of our potential and countless other desirable things.  A key is to give repeatedly the best thing in the best way, then inevitably, an assortment of the best things rush in from all directions.

Giving makes living super simple, fun, spontaneous, fearless, easy, fresh, inspiring, harmonious, beautiful, rich, varied, flowing, light and nice, regardless of appearances surrounding us that scream the contrary. It flattens the wrinkles in events that induce sadness. All actions, the doing, are inspired from the urge to share with others the things we most enjoy: the talents and gifts we were born with. And each individual on this planet has something to give that is needed today, right where we are standing.

However, don’t think for a moment that giving starts and stops with vocation. Giving is a round-the-clock activity. It includes the whole physical experience to practice complete “yes.” Okay, but what does it mean to give if you don’t know what or how?  Start by asking the Self (God, Being, One…):

What is the best thing I can GIVE right now, in this moment?

Then immediately do what the Voice (intuition) tells you, totally trusting its intelligence and the feel-right feeling about it. Go all the way, do your best from start to finish. Even if the best thing is to relax in a chair and stair at the ceiling for an hour. Surrender to the moment. We might be instructed to call up someone to channel a message or do something inhabitual that will result in a business connection or ask for forgiveness or forgive or allow a lonely stranger to share their story about something trivial or take responsible actions on an unresolved situation. (Fret not! For the questioning, plus doing, leads us to the work that we came here to deliver to the world.) When an activity feels complete, repeat the question/response until just before falling asleep. You will be gleefully surprised the next morning.

I have discovered that by repeatedly posing this simple question and doing what the response instructed me to do has dissolved several long-standing challenges. Even if I forget and momentarily revert back to taker mode, which I will elaborate on in just a minute.

Once we are clear about our vocation, we will need to practice sabotage prevention tactics. Otherwise, drifting ever so solidly into the ‘No, I can’t, so I’m taking my share” mode will spoil our chances for happiness and prosperity.

— Eckhart Tolle says: “Be total in what you do.” I explain: give undivided attention to what you are now doing; engage each act with care and appreciation; and only do one thing at a time. This includes chores, interacting with a difficult person, etc.

— Use your inherent talents to fill a current need in the world, benefitting countless numbers of recipients.

Feel appreciation for everyone (if possible tell the person), including so-called strangers. There is always something admirable regardless of appearances or behavior.

— Consistently show kindness towards your body by giving it the nourishment, rest, movement, pampering, intimacy and protection it requires for optimum, harmonious functioning.

— Consistently show appreciation for your mind by choosing thoughts that expand creative expression, intelligence and kindness, induce fresh ideas, happiness, love and invites pure thought or direct knowing.

—  Think and speak about and promote only the positive in the person, thing or situation.

— Inspire the best in everyone you encounter.

— Give the benefit of doubt without exception.

—  Allow space for all the seasons of life. Every situation, condition, event is fleeting. Allow the  inevitable, natural coming and going of all life forms.

— Do only what you really want to do…or need to do in this moment.

— Think and feel complete “yes” to what is (surface reality), while remaining acutely aware of the background Reality whose perfectness never changes.

— Be completely disinterested in malicious gossip: ridiculing yourself nor anyone else, cracking jokes at the other’s expense, breaching confidences, jealousy, defacing people, trying to be superior or inferior.

Now that we know what and how to do, before we jump into action, let’s assess our current level of readiness, our knowledge of subtle traps that await the slightest deviation from integrity—that flash of smugness, fear of you-name-it that distorts reason, seducing us to be takers and hoarders for fear of lack in the near future. I invite you to ponder the following questions and be totally honest with yourself!

— Am I ready to be happy, self-reliant and prosperous?

— Am I commited to listening to and following my intuition exclusively?

— Can I commit to going all the way to give my best?

— Am I okay with exhibiting love in public by giving to every person (no exceptions) as I want others to give to me?

Unless we can sincerely answer “yes,” we will not be able to sustain commitment long enough to bring our vocation into visibility.

A word about takers. They aggressively act, depending on the situation, overtly or covertly. Their doing arises from the survival mode: instinctive, very present, unpredictable or hard driven efforting, take all & leave nothing for others, burdened by scarcity beliefs—fear of loss, lack, limitation, failure, ridicule, entrapment, the unknown, losing market position. The taker believes their physical self is the sole doer yet worries about their vulnerability. They almost always sacrifice health, family, intimacy and relaxation in order to succeed in squeezing out the other as much as possible. Takers are the primary ambassadors of the medical, pharmaceutical and recreation drug industries. They support ther mega pofits scraped off the backs of unaware people. There’s a taker in each of us: BEWARE.

In sum, commit to giving your best to the best thing in the best way 24/7 and you will begin to harvest the best today.

I will post more on this subject in the near future.

Please share your ideas, comments below. I really want to hear from you! And I will respond.

Enjoy your harvest,


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